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"They have three to four types of dumplings here, all of which are amazing. You can see into the kitchen where elderly Tibetan women are making the momos by hand, so you know these are the real deal."
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Out of Control poutine
"Fries covered in gravy and cheese curds are never going to be bad. The O.O.C. poutine always changes; the last time I had it, it was smothered in rock shrimp and langoustines. Epic."
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Carnitas burrito
"I lived in Cali (the land of taquerias) and could not find a burrito that compares to this one. They steam the tortilla and then jam it full of slow-roasted pork, lettuce, salsa, jalapeƱos, sour cream, guacamole, beans, and hot sauce. It weighs about a pound and is very filling. I get it super and with the works."
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Steak tartare
"The pickles compliment this well, and the steak is chopped by hand to give it great texture."
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Fried chicken & buttermilk waffles
"Late night, I find myself there in hopes of soaking up some booze with this filling, comfort food classic. The fried chicken is perfect and always served with a smile."
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Roast pig belly
"Almost half a pork belly marinated in soy sauce, steamed until tender, and then fried hard until REALLY crispy. It's mind blowing."