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"A hole-in-the-wall in this little market on Cheshire Bridge serves the best menudo that is rich in flavor and color from the gaujillo peppers. It is served like how I remember in Mexico, without corn in the soup and nothing but meat and some bone to provide flavor from the marrow. It is the kind of menudo I like to make at home, which I don't need to do now since I've found one of my favorite menudo houses. They only serve this on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, so make sure to go then."
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Plain Ol' Vortex burger
"They make what I think is the best burger in town. I also like Flip (no disrespect there), but I also like a nice greasy hamburger. If you are going to eat a burger, you can’t worry about a diet; and if you are going to cheat your diet, this is the place to do it. It has full-flavored meat, so all you need is maybe a little mayo on the side. The fries are nice and crispy, too."
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Pan-seared Maine Diver scallops
"I really like the pan-seared scallops appetizer (they're so good that I’m going back soon), but I also really enjoy the restaurant for its fresh veggies that are well-seasoned and prepared with great detail."
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Atlantic halibut
"The menu changes every month, so what you see on the menu now may not be on it next time. However, one item I enjoyed was the halibut with oyster mushrooms. The mushrooms are served with just a little bit of butter on the side, and the freshness of the fish marries perfectly with its meatiness. I have known Anne and Clifford for a long time, and I really respect the quality of the ingredients that they use."
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Carnitas tacos
"The carnitas tacos are just like the ones I enjoy in Mexico. Michoacan has a woman who makes the corn tortillas by hand, and she produces some of the most authentic ones in town."

From My Menu

Chef Peter Dale reviews The George at Taqueria del Sol
$ | Mexican, | American
1 Review
"A good friend of mine told me about this off-the-menu item years ago, and now I can't leave 'Taqueria' without an order of The George. It's a cup filled with a combination of rice, charros beans, and turnip greens. Along with a couple of tacos, The George is a perfect meal (carbs, protein, and veggies) with a little kick of heat to keep things exciting."
Chef Whitney Otawka reviews Turnip greens at Taqueria del Sol
$ | Mexican, | American
1 Review
"I keep hoping one day they will make the turnip greens into their own taco! Spicy, soupy, braised turnip greens are a great side and a signature dish that's not to be missed."