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Grant’s Stack
"This little country joint and in-house art gallery closes at 3 p.m. daily. They source locally and responsibly, and the owners are always in the kitchen or behind the counter. It’s hard to choose a favorite, but I guess what I order most often is Grant’s Stack—Texas toast sandwiching a fried green tomato, melted pimento cheese, and bacon from the master himself, Allan Benton. I often add a couple over-medium eggs to the mix, ensuring this turns into a fork-and-knife job after a few bites."
House Favorite burger
"Benton is making back-to-back appearances here, this time on the best burger in Atlanta. The House Favorite burger is quite sizeable, perfectly charred, extremely juicy, and tastes like beef. It also has pickled jalapeños, pimento cheese, aforementioned lardons, and a goddamned fried egg. (Incidentally, Young Augustine’s also has the best fries in the city. Fried in duck fat, they have a terrific crispy, salty shell and creamy interior. They’re the only thing that could make the burger better.)"
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Risotto ai funghi
"The most heartwarming of Riccardo Ullio’s restaurants, Sotto Sotto has consistently delivered the most craved Italian fare Atlanta will likely ever experience. He maintains an unbelievably consistent menu of favorites: simple, but quite technical in their assembly. His mushroom risotto is no exception. Perfectly al dente Carnaroli rice loaded with perfectly cooked, wild-foraged mushrooms hits the perfect texture—not too creamy and not too stiff. I hate to beat a perfect horse to death, but…"
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Farm egg baked in celery cream
"I’m not entirely sure how it’s made, but my best guess is that a beautifully white celeriac purée is heated in a bowl, and then some genius cracks a farm egg over the top, which cooks in the hot cream as it’s being delivered to my table. Then some other genius suggests I scoop up the whole mess with some crusty, toasted bread. All of the geniuses are right, of course, but it’s too much genius and now my head hurts. Brilliance never tasted so good."
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St. Louis style ribs
"Stuart Baesel is currently making the best barbecue in Atlanta (literally the best), a city that's in a region known for taking its 'cue seriously. Community Q is unapologetic about running out of food during service, because to do it right takes time; sometimes you guess right and sometimes you don't. What that means to us lay-porkers is to get there early. But should they ever err on the extra, the leftovers go to a community food bank."
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Fava bean salad
"At the height of their season, One Eared Stag serves great fava bean dishes. My favorite rendition was a salad, where fava beans are peeled and mixed with shallots, sherry vinegar, tomato concassé, mint, olive oil, and aged Spanish cheese. What more can be said about this dish that most perfectly captures the freshness of summer? Not good enough for you? Sip some bourbon at the bar while contemplating the myriad ways the taxidermied stag head—judging you from its lofty post—lost its left ear."

From My Menu

Chef Todd Ginsberg reviews Little neck clams at Holeman & Finch Public House
$$ | Pub/Gastropub, | Modern, | American
1 Review
"Their menu changes nightly, so if you're lucky, you might have some of the best clams of your life. You're bound to be satisfied here, because the food’s cooked with attention and love, even at 1 a.m. The drinks are great, the staff is cool. It might be my favorite restaurant in the city, the one I feel lucky to have after a Saturday night ass-kicking. Listening to tunes on old power amps, watching your cocktail be made by someone who waits to see your face light up—that’s what makes me happy."
Chef Steven Satterfield reviews Brunch at Holeman & Finch Public House
$$ | Pub/Gastropub, | Modern, | American
1 Review
"I'm a sucker for a boozy brunch, so Holeman & Finch is my pick for the best mix of good Southern fare and excellent cocktails. I like to get a Bloodhound (gin, Campari, and grapefruit) and the Crunchy Lady (their take on a croque-madame) when they have it. Plus, their housemade charcuterie is some of the best in the city."