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Behind the Scenes

"I usually hit this place at least twice a week before I go to work. This Korean version of a fried pork cutlet is my favorite lunch meal. I get two huge pieces of meat that are perfectly battered and fried with rice and side dishes. Add a spicy ramen or rice cake noodle dish, and I have a filling meal for about $12."
Kevin’s Breakfast
"I’m going to pretend this dish was named for me. After all, what can be better than Southern grits, chili, and eggs? It's simple and delicious. It's a power breakfast if you ever saw one."
Sea bass pan fried
"This is one of my late-night haunts. Open 'til after midnight most nights, I can swing by after work and get my favorite fried fish. You see, this is no ordinary fried fish. It’s very lightly dusted in flour then deep-fried until golden. The meat has the texture of steamed fish. It comes with a sesame oil and soy-based sauce. There are no words to describe this except that it's unbelievably yummy."
Bánh mì thịt nướng
"The best bánh mì in Atlanta can be found at Quoc Huong. The super flavorful, smoky, grilled red pork they use is well-marinated. Both of its texture and taste are out of this world. I love the mayo-butter dressing they use, and the perfectly balanced sweet-tart pickled daikon and carrots are delicious additions. Oh, and the flaky French baguette can’t be beat. It's the best $2.50 can buy."
Chef Guy Wong reviews  at
Cơm tấm sườn nướng
"I have very simple tastes when it comes to food. Lunch is the only time I can really go about the city to check out what’s new and interesting. Still, I have a handful of places I keep coming back to for a filling and comforting meal. One of my favorite lunch meals is the rice plate at Saigon Café. For $6 you get two grilled pork chops, two fried eggs, steamed rice, and a side salad. It’s my go-to meal before a long day at work."
Chef Guy Wong reviews  at
"Sundays are my family days. It’s the only day the restaurant is closed and I get to hang out with family and friends. To sit down at a restaurant for a leisurely meal is a luxury for me. I simply don’t get the chance. But Sunday brunch at Murphy’s is something I look forward to when I do have the time. There is absolutely nothing on the menu that isn’t good, but favorites include the chilaquiles and their chicken sausages."

From My Menu

Chef Todd Richards reviews Kakuni bun at Miso Izakaya
$$ | Japanese
Old Fourth Ward
1 Review
"This pork belly bun at Miso is served on a hot, steaming bun with hot mustard and pickled vegetables. The pickled vegetables give you just enough acid to cut through the fat on the belly. They usually sell out every night, so get there early."
Chef Aaron Russell reviews Shoyu tamago at Miso Izakaya
$$ | Japanese
Old Fourth Ward
2 Reviews
"Traditionally, this is a hard-boiled egg that is peeled then cooked in soy sauce, giving the outside of the egg white a rich brown color. Guy Wong’s is so perfectly timed; the outside has a rich soy flavor, but when broken, the yolk spills out over the rice cake underneath. Elevating this seemingly simple dish even more is the sticky sushi rice, which is formed and then seared in a hot pan, giving it a wonderful crispy shell like a Japanese version of soccarat."
Chef Todd Ginsberg reviews Salt & pepper quail at Miso Izakaya
$$ | Japanese
Old Fourth Ward
1 Review
"An upside to being in the restaurant business is that no one is on the road when I go to work and when I leave work—no traffic. One of the downsides is that most good restaurants are closed when I get off. Well not this one, and I am 100% grateful for that. I pull up a chair at the bar around 10:30 p.m. and order some crispy, juicy, perfectly seasoned quail parts and a Hitachino ginger beer, and my outlook for the rest of the month got brighter for $16. It's cheap therapy."
Chef Cynthia Wong reviews Pork kimchi rice at Miso Izakaya
$$ | Japanese
Old Fourth Ward
1 Review
"I have eaten just about everything on the menu at chef Guy Wong's lively izakaya, which is one of my favorite spots in town, and it's safe to say I love everything they offer. But whenever I don't get this savory, spicy bowl of rice fried with pork, kimchi, and a fried egg, I always wind up wishing I had."