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Dover sole meunière
"Scott’s has a really special atmosphere. It is a stunning restaurant with excellent service. The dishes here are classic and cooked to perfection. Like with the sole, they source amazing produce that's spankingly fresh with no fuss. It's served straight up, as it should be."
Smoked potato & egg yolk ravioli w/ perigord truffle
"I love this place because the dishes are constantly changing, but when the ravioli is there it is not to be missed. This hugely accomplished chef is extremely innovative with his cooking, which is really exciting to see."
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Dynamite spider roll
"This place has an electric and buzzing atmosphere. I love the feel of the open kitchen, and their cocktails are delicious. The Dynamite spider roll is my favourite: soft-shell crab, chilli mayonnaise, cucumbers, and wasabi tobiko sauce. They also have a great selection of sushi and sashimi."
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Chocolate sphere w/ milk ice cream & honeycomb
"Petrus is a beautiful restaurant and probably offers the finest food you will ever eat in London for its price point. It has superb food, great service, and a relaxed friendly atmosphere."
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Soufflé suissesse
"I love the cheese soufflé cooked with double cream and the comfort I feel when I come here. It has fantastic service and sophisticated, classic French cuisine."

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