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White bass ceviche
"Torito is a perfect summer choice that serves up some of the city's best ceviche! My favorite one, the white bass ceviche, comes with corn, fresh chili peppers, and cilantro."
Chicken liver
"The chicken livers are great. This has been a huge favorite of mine. I love its richness, which gets even richer with the egg. The dill pickles, onions, schmaltz, and rye are a nice touch as well."
Chef David Lee reviews  at
Tonkotus ramen
"This is my favourite ramen. It's great and very complex."
Chef David Lee reviews  at
Slaw w/ sashima of tuna
"This is an amazing salad with a variety of ingredients, including a Singaporean-style slaw that tastes perfect when paired with the tuna. This is the best salad ever!"
Chef David Lee reviews  at
Salumi di Buca
"Rob makes some of the best charcuterie in Toronto—enough said!"
Chef David Lee reviews  at
Stockyards fried chicken dinner
"Who doesn't love fried chicken? Stockyards serves up the most crispy and moist fried chicken. I always get the four-piece of buttermilk-marinated chicken served with fries, coleslaw, and hot sauce."

From My Menu

Chef Susur Lee reviews Yucatan hot & sour soup at Nota Bene
$$$ | Italian, | Canadian , | Modern, | American
Entertainment District, Downtown Core, Queen Street West
1 Review
"This soup with smoked chicken, goji berries, and coriander has a very clean and delicious broth with great Latino and Asian flavors."