Ricky Yap at KRU Contemporary Japanese Cuisine


Ricky Yap is a the sushi chef for KRU Contemporary Japanese Cuisine. He studied at California State University, Sacramento, and fell into the world of sushi when he landed a part-time job at Tokyo Fro’s. He went on to star in San Francisco and turned heads when his food at Akiko’s Restaurant earned a glowing review in the San Francisco Chronicle.


  • Three Stars
    San Francisco Chronicle
  • Top 10 New Restaurants
    San Francisco Chronicle
  • Seven Top Sushi Spots Around San Francisco
    7x7 magazine
  • "Raising the Sushi Bar"
    San Francisco magazine
  • ChefsFeed Winner
    One of the Best Things to Eat in SF

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"Omakase @ jirosf. Saison sushi pop up. Solid."
"Suppon umami soup @ kasukabe. Soft shell turtle in a subtle broth. First time ever having turtle, and hopefully not my last."
Chef Ricky Yap reviews  at post.venue.name
"Sushi wada. Waygu beef with uni handroll. Must I say more?"
"@Chef Ravi Kapur Hey Ravi. It's ricky. I use to work at Akikos. And friends with Scott the painter. I've trying to get a hold of you cause I also sell big eye tuna from the Hawaiian auction. Small loins perfect for poke. Rob from butterfly is also one"
Chef Ricky Yap reviews  at post.venue.name
"Let the confetti rain!!!"
"@megandewitt sure. Email me at ricky@akikosrestaurant.com"