Miles Thompson at Michael's


Miles Thompson is the chef at Michael's. He has been cooking for as long as he can remember, starting alongside his parents and getting his first kitchen job as a 13 year old. At the party of a family friend, he was taken aback by the food—the salt levels, the acids—opening his mind to the world beyond home cooking.


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Sour sausage
"The sour sausage is very sour and nicely foiled by thick slices of ginger, peanuts, cabbage, and serranos."
Panfried pork dumplings
"I love these pan-fried pork dumplings; they remind me of the ones served in takeout spots in New York. They are perfect enjoyed at this old-school restaurant with white tablecloths and servers folding your mu shu pork pancakes for you with spoons."
Pork jerky
"The strips are a little bit thicker than a pencil, they’re fried, and they come with a dipping sauce that is sour and tart and a little spicy; it has a little fermented funk."
"My favorite dish is the Birria, goat stew, served only on the weekends. It is undeniably soulful. I also like that they make their own (fantastic) corn tortillas, the name of the restaurant is El Comal or the pan that is used for making tortillas, so that is fitting that they would have good ones."
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Tamago burger
"This comes with wasabi mayo, super crispy onions, and a perfectly cooked egg for a great combination of flavors and textures."
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Hainan chicken
"Sunset Siam is a great Thai breakfast spot. I get the Hainanese chicken. The rice and broth it is served with are both terrific."