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Cortney Burns is the chef/co-owner of the newly restaurant Duna, a Central European concept. She and her partner Nick Balla opened there temporary, experimental restaurant Motze. Her passion resides around artisan techniques for Old World preparation, like making their own sausage, cheese, dried spices, fermented beverages, and pickling and preserving in-house.


  • Three Stars
    San Francisco Chronicle
  • Bib Gourmand
    Michelin Guide
  • Co-author
    Bar Tartine: Techniques and Recipes (coming soon)
  • ChefsFeed Winner
    One of the Best Things to Eat in SF

My Restaurants

  • Duna
    983 Valencia St
    San Francisco, CA

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Behind the Scenes

"This Filipino joint out in the Excelsior is worth the trip. The Longaniza is just fatty enough to satisfy. Be sure to order the lumpia to go with this."
Shrimp and chive dumplings
"Good luck dim sum- Shrimp and chive dumplings. This is my favorite spot on clement for Dim Sum. It’s always fresh and their table sauces are thick, sweet, and spicy which works perfectly with the unctuous fillings. Beware, the lines can get pretty long at this place, and it’s cash only, so go prepared."
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Lacinato kale salad
"Sharon knows how to sate one with a huge bowl of greens. Order the large and just dig in. It’s rare to find a bowl of kale at a restaurant; more people should serve salads like these."
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Thai spicy shrimp paste tray
"This dish has raw and steamed vegetables with a really funky shrimp paste and fried mackerel. I like to eat this with a larb salad and then move on to the khao kha moo, which is pork with pickled mustard greens and hard-boiled eggs. This is a meal worth savoring!"
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Numbing spicy beef tendon
"I love the numbing spicy beef tendon, as well as the spicy pig ear in red oil. Texture, texture, texture—that's why I eat and crave these dishes. Order these along with the fish filet with pickled cabbage soup, and you'll round the meal right out."
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Vegetarian farmhouse lunch
"Amaryll and Lori have a way with food. They are subtle, delicate, and powerful all at the same time. They embody flavor first, which is wildly important, and they have a way of making vegetables seem quite meaty. I love their vegetarian farmhouse lunch with accompaniments such as lentils, quinoa with herbs, spicy Turkish tomato paste, caramelized cabbage, a French boiled egg, and mâche."

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