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Bryce Shuman is the Corporate Director, Culinary for Sydell Group. He may have grown up mostly in North Carolina, but his cultural anthropologist mom made sure his exposure to the world (and its food) was as broad as it could be. She took the whole family on field trips to the jungles of Costa Rica and all the way to the Arctic.


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Chef Bryce Shuman reviews  at
"Cucumbers and Dill, Grilled Sourdough, Full Cream Yogurt at the soon to be #PrimroseLV... Coming soon 😉"
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Chef Bryce Shuman reviews  at
"Sweet Potato, Buckwheat, Spices Shot by the incredible @signebirck ! I love this dish because it closely embodies my philosophy of "one dish, one voice". I constantly challenge the cooks by asking them "how do you invent the apple pie", How do you create a dish that is one complete thought, a delicious plate of food that has one vision? These are the dishes that endure. We endeavor to achieve this by stripping away all ingredients and components that are not necessary to achieve this goal, focusing only on those that are essential. A confit and candied slice of sweet potato creates a jewel box of sorts with thin sweet potato custard walls, encasing milk gelato, spiced creme chantilly, puffed buckwheat, and a buckwheat honey gastrique. Crunchy Maldon salt on top right before it heads to our guests."
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Chef Bryce Shuman reviews  at
"Cucumber Salad with Buttermilk and Caraway @betonynyc As it is Sunday in the long weekend of Summer, I look back with so much love for what we created. Here is a dish from our opening menu highlighting the tremendous variety and bounty of cucumbers from Zaid, Franca, Keith, Alex, Tim, Nevia, and all our favorite growers there at the @unsqgreenmarket here in New York City."
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"Crispy Carrots and Curry @betonynyc Photo: @signebirck Little crispy carrot chips are puffed in a the microwave under pressure, to create a "freeze dried" effect. A Tarka Masala is prepared and emulsified into a pressed yogurt that is spread between the crisps. The canapé is finished with a little coriander salt... One of my favorites."
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Chef Bryce Shuman reviews  at
"Chilled Buckwheat Noodles with Summer Beans and Dill 📸: @signebirck #crop There is nothing like a cold bowl of noodles to sooth and satisfy during these "dog days". These noodles were made with fresh milled buckwheat and the water from the rinsing of our potter, @janeheroldpottery 's ashes. The beans are naturally pickled in their own juices for two weeks with dill crowns and garlic. Served ice cold it is dressed with a little of the thickened pickling liquid. #Fresh"
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Chef Bryce Shuman reviews Squab with chestnuts and prunes at Consulting Chef in New York
"Dry Aged Squab with Chestnuts and Prune. Photo: @signebirck Super excited to bring this dish, utilizing all parts of the bird, to @chefsclubaspen for this winter's ski season! The birds are aged for 7 to 10 days and roasted hot until the skin is crisp. We serve it with a red wine and port poached prune, chestnut puree, and top it with a chestnut chip and fresh grated chestnuts. This spiced sauce is made from the bones, prunes, and thickened with a little mustard and blood. Not pictured is a little creme brûlée made from the liver, heart, and gizzards. Great for when the snow starts to hit the ground. 🎿"
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Chef Bryce Shuman reviews Apple, almonds, and cream at Consulting Chef in New York
"Apple, Almonds, and Cream. A little tribute to the snowy-er parts of the world. Photo by the incredible @signebirck this little dish is velvety and crunchy at the same time, sweet and refreshing... one of my favorites that speaks with one voice."
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Chef Bryce Shuman reviews Pig terrine with salsa verde and mayonnaise at Consulting Chef in New York
"Bullseye! Pigs Head Terrine with Salsa Verde and Pommery Mayonnaise Photo by @signebirck I love dishes with surprises, and this rich terrine has a little pocket of sauce inside that helps to compliment the fatty porky terrine and herbs. Its delicious with a little crusty country bread during these passing winter days."
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Chef Bryce Shuman reviews Beets with cashews and amaranth  at Consulting Chef in New York
"Beets with Sour Cashews and Amaranth This canapé is completely vegan, and crazy delicious. Crispy beet chips are topped with a purée of fermented cashews, a pickled beet and amaranth popped like popcorn. I've zoomed in a little here on @signebirck 's photo to show you the tiny grains' texture. Besides the texture they also add a great toasted finish to the flavor. Thanks to @markhowerd for bringing the cashew cheese into our repertoire. Its a good one!"
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Chef Bryce Shuman reviews Peas, ricotta, and spearmint at Consulting Chef in New York
"English Peas, Fresh Milk Ricotta and Spearmint Pastry Chef @rebeccaisbell crushing this savory sweet one. 📷:@signebirck It totally feels like spring in New York today!!! #thankful#gratitude#newbeginnings#spring The crisp dome of sweet English pea mousse is shattered into the bowl to reveal the ricotta gelato and fresh spearmint. The crunchy mousse softens as you eat it just like the season. I can't wait."
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