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Twin Peaks pizza
"The chef here has an incredible touch for turning out perfect Neapolitan style pizzas with just the right amount of char on the crust and a delicate balance of toppings. You can see the care he puts into each pizza in his small open kitchen. It's truly a thing of beauty."
Grandma’s Greens
"This dish of kale, pine nuts, raisins, and olives–all of the flavors of Sicily–is brought together by an intensely delicious anchovy broth. I could have this dish every day."
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Carpaccio of yellowtail
"Simplicity and elegance delivered by one of Seattle’s great chefs. The clever combination of the briny green olives and bitter preserved lemon enhances the fish and cuts through its natural oiliness."
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"Perhaps the best bite of my life. Shito San layers fresh uni in the center of his perfectly made tamago. He cuts a thick slice and gives it a generous sear—absolute magic! It’s not always on the menu since he honors the seasons at their peak, which is clear in the varieties of fish and seafood he sources for his omakase. If you go to Izumi, you must absolutely sit at the bar. The wait is worth it to experience this master’s purist, yet clever approach to working with the jewels of the ocean."
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Tajarin al ragù o burro e salvia
"I love this dish and pretty much everything else that happens to be on the menu. Katy has named this “the baby angel cloud” that makes life delicious. People don’t understand how much work goes into these perfect strands of egg yolk-rich pasta. You can’t be afraid of butter if you order this dish!"
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House-made sourdough bread and butter
"As a Frenchman who loves his bread, I have to admit the sourdough coming out of Matt Dillon’s bakery is that sublime contrast of charred, slightly bitter crust and chewy/bubbly. It has just the right amount of salt and with a generous spoonful of his house made butter. I can’t imagine a better way to start the day."