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Chris Jones is the Culinary Director of Innovation at Hampton Creek Foods, a company that sells plant-based foods. Before taking on the role of trying to change how we view food, he was the chef for the popular french restaurant Gaspar Brasserie. He was also a contestant on the ninth season of Top Chef.


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"You don't need a fancy cooking suite, or combi ovens, or circulators to make great food. #Repost @little_meg_siu_meg ・・・ Another stop on the same day at Kanazawa was other grandpapa chef at famous local steak shop ひよこ Hiyoko. This little tiny restaurant established in 1964 seats 7-8 diners and serve one course and nothing else: their hire steak (fillet), served with lots of grilled vegetables, tofu, potato, etc all grilled on the same griddle. _ You only have 30 mins in this restaurant and so when customers are seated, the chef will start grilling the beef steaks together, places some vegetables and potato after. Everyone at the counter is just about an arm distance from the chef and you could see him watching everything up close. The other lady (his wife) will help out on the small tasks like handing over the salad and dish, and also placing that small slab of butter at the end. _ Even the chef is grandpapa age, the steam grilling moves certainly isn't any rustic. He knows exactly when to flip, how much to season, and when the steaks are done, slice each one with such ease. _ This may be the most no-frill up-close 30 min steak I have ever had (More coming) _ #kanazawa #金沢 #littlemeg_kanazawa #littlemeg_hiyoko #ひよこ#ステーキ #hiyoko #littlemeg_kanazawaroadtrip_aug2017 #food #foodies #foodpics #instafood #jj #instagramers #followme #yummy #delicious #gourmet #amazing #iphonesia #lefooding @lefooding #theartofplating @theartofplating #gastronogram @gastronogram #gastroart @gastroart #photooftheday #bestoftheday #igdaily #steak #beef"
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"These pigeons definitely have yelp elite accounts #Repost @deensiecreensie ・・・ Another in the series "pigeons refuse to eat tiny food." This time, a tiny loaf of bread."
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