Kimberly Bugler at Scala's Bistro


Kimberly Bugler is the pastry chef for Scala's Bistro. After graduating first in her class from the French Culinary Institute, her confectionary creations have been featured on the Discovery Channel, TLC and the Food Network. Her long resume includes stints at Maxim's in New York City, American Park at the Battery, the New York Marriott Marquis, the J.W. Marriott Resort in Las Vegas and the 21 Club.


  • Top 10 Pastry Chefs in America
    Dessert Professional Magazine
  • Five time finalist
    U.S. Pastry Competition

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Tori Paitan Ramen
"The chewy handmade noodles are great, but the creamy rich base is amazing! Thin slices of duck perch next to yummy veggies, and a bit of plum paste. Every bite is different than the one before. The prize is well worth the wait in line! Oishii!"
Bacon-wrapped mochi
"I can't imagine ever skipping this dish when I'm at Nojo! The bacon is a great wrapper for the mochi. When its grilled the mochi gets an amazing soft texture with edge bits that resemble melted crispy cheese."
Butternut Squash Mochi
"This is such a great twist on a fall favorite. These mochi are warm tasty little morsels with a delicate texture, accompanied by Brussels sprouts leaves and pomegranate seeds, with just enough aged cheese for a savory kick. Delish!"
Som Tom Poo
"This shredded green papaya salad with chili, tomato, lime, and taw crab was so spicy but so good; I was smiling through the tears! The soft sweet crab is a great foil for the limey, peppery, crunchy salad."
"Chedd or Alive”
"Mom wished her grilled cheese was like this one! Sweet and tangy, with Cabot and Vella Cheddars, and apple-ale chutney, pressed on Josie Baker Bread."