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My Restaurants

  • Fatted Calf
    644 C First St.
    Oxbow Public Market
    Napa, CA
  • Fatted Calf
    Ferry Plaza Farmers Market
    1 Ferry Building
    San Francisco, CA

Where I Eat

Behind the Scenes

Chef Taylor Boetticher reviews  at
Tostada de ceviche
"Crazy fresh shrimp, fish and tomato ceviche with crema and avocado. They do everything right here, but this is one of my faves."
Chef Taylor Boetticher reviews  at
Wood oven roasted vegetables
"The Heirloom baby carrots with oaxacan mole and sesame brittle is just one of the many awesome vegetables they do out of their wood oven. The combination of roasted carrots with mole is one I never would have thought of but works really, really well."
Chef Taylor Boetticher reviews  at
Tacos alambre
"This is a slightly larger taco made on a flour tortilla with carne asada, sliced onions and peppers and hit with a spicy avocado-serrano chili salsa. Because if you come to Napa, you have to eat a taco. And if you only eat one, this should be it."
Chef Taylor Boetticher reviews  at
House-made grilled rabbit sausage
"Anthony and Samantha have been putting out great food at The Kenwood since it was purchased last year. One of my favorite things on their menu is the rabbit sausage, and I'm pretty picky about sausage, if that tells you anything."
Chef Taylor Boetticher reviews  at
Wood fired chicken wings
"Todd Humphries is a crazy talented chef who brines, spit roasts and then crisps these wings in a wood oven and tops them with teriyaki and sesame seeds. They're amazing and addictive, and I'm always a little amazed at how many I can put away."
Chef Taylor Boetticher reviews  at
Caramelized beets with goat cheese crema, greens and chimichurri
"This has all the components of a great dish, and they've been doing it since day one. The beets are seared on a plancha very deeply, and the result is like the crust on a great steak. The spicy chimichurri and the crema add counterpoints to the earthy, crisped beets and make this dish sing."

From My Menu

Chef Adam Timney reviews Sandwiches du jour at Fatted Calf
$$ | Specialty Shop, | Deli/Sandwich Shop
2 Reviews
" The meatloaf sandwich is made with chilled meatloaf, pickled onions and mustard—and served on a soft roll. It reminds me of the grade school lunches my mom used to make, and it makes me feel like a kid again. It's super satisfying."
Chef Sean O'Toole reviews Napa porchetta sandwich at Fatted Calf
$$ | Specialty Shop, | Deli/Sandwich Shop
2 Reviews
"Sliced porchetta with lots of herbs, arugula, and mayonnaise on fresh bread, from right next door, at The Model Bakery. They always have them ready and prepared, so run in and grab one before they run out."
Chef Ari Weiswasser reviews Charcuterie  at Fatted Calf
$$ | Specialty Shop, | Deli/Sandwich Shop
1 Review
"I love all the charcuterie they do here because it's all made in-house and it's creative, but at the same time, still traditional combinations."