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Roman Petry is the Executive Chef/Culinary Advisor for Roka Akaor. Industry veteran with more than 16 years of experience in international kitchens, including at several of the world’s most renowned Japanese restaurants, including Zuma in London, Zuma in Hong Kong and Hachibei in Tokyo. His diverse international culinary expertise transforms any restaurant and its cuisine into a true epicurean adventure, as he says his goal is for people to “eat themselves drunk with different flavors.”


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Tskune (Chicken Meatball) with Egg Yolk
"Tskune is the measuring point for any yakitori Joint, and this place in Berkeley does the best one I've had in the US. The consistency is silky and delicate, the grilling on Binchotan gives the perfect char, and it’s served with a Jidori egg yolk and tare. Dip it into the egg yolk and you feel like you’re in Tokyo."
Grilled Dungeness Crab with Green Garlic Aioli
"While in season, the chef Russell Moore serves the best Dungeness crab in the Bay Area. It's charred on the open wood fire and served with green garlic aioli and whatever vegetable is fresh from a nearby farm. If there is no crab, get anything from the grill; he makes some of the best grilled food near and far. Also try the amazing cocktails."
Sicilian Sashimi
"Ask the guys to make you a "Sicilian Sashimi Plate" with whatever fresh catch of the day they have. It's the thinly sliced fish served with capers, olive oil, lemon juice and some fresh cracked black pepper. I especially like it with scallops, so ask if they have them. Swan’s is as good a lunch as you can get in SF, but try to come right when they open at 10:30am so you don’t have to wait two hours in line"
Xiao Long Bao
"Probably one of the South Bay’s best keep secrets are the XLB at Bamboo Garden in Mountain View. Its version might be the best you can get in the Bay Area. These tasty, balanced dumplings have a delicate wrapper stuffed with pork broth and meat."
Combination pho
"Nothing better on a Sunday morning then pho and this one is my favorite! The broth is very flavorful and so is the tendon."
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"I recently went to New York just to eat here. Not only is it spectacular food and impeccable service, but you learn so much about the history of Manhattan and the surrounding areas. The best part is that the whole menu is a lot of fun. You get your own picnic basket, a Reuben sandwich, black and white cookie and many more essential New York dishes. One of the best meals of my life for sure! If you’re lucky, they might take you through the kitchen and you can have a cocktail with the chef."

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