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Russel Jackson is the Owner/Operator of SubCulture Dining and Host/Creator for PopfoodsTV. As Los Angeles-born Chef, he made his culinary debut at the age of three. Accustomed to learning by trial and error, and fascinated by watching his mother cook on their match lit stove, his destiny was set after an early cooking experience making applesauce.


  • Host/Creator
    PopFoods TV
  • Competitor
    Iron Chef America
  • Finalist
    The Next Food Network Star

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Chef Russell Jackson reviews  at
"@korinknives being exceedingly bad. Preceding template. subtle weight to the bold Damascus. I'm very excited to design my own this year. It will be a beast. #chefknives"
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Chef Russell Jackson reviews  at
"The second half of a brilliant #omakase I shall not divulge where. Cause I don’t want to loose my seat. #secretdining"
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