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Kuniko Yagi is the chef/co-owner of the restaurant Tokyo Strike, a ramen shop coming soon. She is living the American Dream, and she came to food in a roundabout way. Unhappy working in finance in her native Japan, she picked up and moved to Los Angeles, getting a job as a server at a noodle house in Los Angeles. Here, she met Chef David Myers of the Michelin starred Sona, who, moved by her passion and zeal, suggested she test her culinary aspirations in his kitchen. Not only did she rise to the challenge -- an un-trained cook in one of the city’s most famed kitchens -- she blossomed.


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"Nankou ume (nankou plum) from my mom's garden. It's Very perfumie. Going to be a plum sake:)"
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"Today's salmon bento"
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"I enjoy cooking bento box."
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