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Reviews & Posts

Chef  reviews Super-Food at
"The Super-Food comes with a delicious hanger steak and a wide variety of vegetables as its accompaniment, including black-eyed peas, Brussels sprouts, sweet peppers, turnips, and fennel. It's also garnished with shallots and goat cheese."
Chef  reviews Kimchi rice grits at
Kimchi rice grits
"I love this dish because it really tells the story of Atlanta and the New South, the crossroads of the Lowcountry and Buford Highway on a plate. If they are serving this with pork belly, I dare you to not order a second helping."
Chef  reviews Pimento cheese w/ bacon marmalade at
Pimento cheese w/ bacon marmalade
"There are very few times in my career where I can be confident in saying that there is no one that has created this dish before. Then there's the time when you try something like Ryan Smith's pimento cheese in a jar, and two things cross your mind. First, why the eff did I not think of this before him?! Second, no one has created a pimento spread that tastes this good or is as unique. If I ever move to the other side of the country, I’ll introduce this to them and make the world a better place."

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