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Reviews & Posts

Fried Bang Bang lamb wontons
"I once ate five orders of these fried, spicy cream cheese and ground lamb wontons before shoveling in some grilled short ribs and broken rice. If the staff hadn’t started giving me curious, maybe slightly worried looks, I think I could have polished off eight or nine orders. They’re like crack, if crack makes you fat and happy."
Chef  reviews Lá nho thịt bò at
Lá nho thịt bò
"I love studying how different cultures influence cuisines through conquest, migration, and otherwise. Perhaps the most fascinating is how French flavors create beautiful nuances in Vietnamese food, an already beautiful and sophisticated cuisine. Co'm is not your typical phở house; instead, they specialize in meats and rice dishes. My favorite is the grape leaves stuffed with beef, a delicious study in Southeast Asia meets the Mediterranean. I’m also a sucker for shredded green papaya and mango."

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