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Reviews & Posts

Chef  reviews Foie gras nigiri at
Foie gras nigiri
"I always get the foie gras nigiri at Uchi. It's rich, decadent, and simple. The richness of the foie is nicely countered by the sweetness from the seaweed and fish caramel. This is umami."
Chef  reviews Hama Chili at
Hama Chili
"There are a lot of great dishes at Uchi, but I can’t go there without getting the hama chili. The fish is incredibly fresh and the ponzu, Thai chili with orange supreme, is a really unique flavor combination."
Hamachi nabe
"This has to be my favorite dish of Tyson Cole's. All together, it's an amazing combo. I send my cooks to eat this dish to understand what umami is. The combination of the fish, rice, and egg along with the bonito flakes is unreal."
Chef  reviews Omakase at
"I know this isn’t a specific dish, but it’s the only thing I order there. The staff is amazing; they know the food, so why not trust them to feed you? The 10 courses are always well-paced even when they are super busy (which is always). My favorite thing to do is bring someone who hasn’t been in yet and watch their face as they are blown away course after course. It’s always a little bit sad when the last plate comes out because I never want it to end."

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