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Chef  reviews Fried golden bean curd at
Fried golden bean curd
"This is my go-to Chinese spot. They've got barbecue ducks hanging up, a secret menu written only in Chinese, and servers that want you to hurry up and order even though they've got a mini novel for a menu. My favorite dish here is the fried bean curd. You get around eight cubes of fried tofu with tiny shrimp fried on top. They come out super hot with a soy-based dipping sauce. I like to poke holes with my chopsticks to let the tofu squares chill in the dipping sauce for a bit."
Hot & sour soup
"The soup is made with pork, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, bean curd, and dried wood ear mushrooms. The soup is mostly “stuff” and not just broth, and it's intensely flavorful. It is mildly spicy and perfectly tangy. Either order it as your main course or split it with someone; it comes in a huge bowl!"
BBQ combination
"A combination of bbq pork, Beijing duck and marinated chicken. The pork is not like the "bbq" we all grew up with. It's slowly roasted to render the fat and crisp up the skin, leaving the meat unctuous and delicious. The duck and chicken are also slowly roasted and basted with a soy/hoisin glaze."

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