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4137 Highway 90 W
Avondale, LA70094-2464
Call: 504.436.9942
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Reviews & Posts

Chicken à la Grande
"An old-school, middle-of-nowhere shack is the setting for a comforting dish of garlic, rosemary, white wine, and olive oil. I can see the genesis of New Orleans' Italian Creole genre here as I sit in the dining room."
Oyster Mosca
"These oysters are baked with olive oil, tons of garlic, and bread crumbs. I love them because it’s New Orleans-Italian in its purest, simplest, and most delicious form. It's more than the dish, it's the experience—the menu and service instantly create a sense of community. It mirrors the true New Orleanian way of life. Things have changed since the storm, and the dynamic of New Orleans' community has shifted slightly, but Mosca's has the rare ability to bring everything back to center for me."

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