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2130 Center St
Berkeley, CA94704
Call: 510.665.1969
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Reviews & Posts

Chef  reviews Yakitori at
"When I'm on a yakitori kick, Ippuku has got what I need. It has to be the simplicity of it all that is so appealing. The tastiest parts of the chicken are skewered and grilled over Binchō-tan charcoal and seasoned with good salt. This style of Japanese cooking deeply satisfies me. I recommend the chicken heart, liver, cartilage, and skin. I'm also a big fan of this izakaya's selection of shochu and sake, as well as their soba lunch."
Soft serve
"All the yakitori is super delicious, but here, I always save room for dessert. The tower of soft serve doused with sweet soy is a perfect balance of sweet and salty."
Tori yukke
"Although most would balk at the idea of eating raw chicken, I know they source it from worthy producers, which gives me confidence that it’s a must-have every time I go. The yakitori is also fantastic. The authenticity here takes me back to Japan. Love this place!"
Tskune (Chicken Meatball) with Egg Yolk
"Tskune is the measuring point for any yakitori Joint, and this place in Berkeley does the best one I've had in the US. The consistency is silky and delicate, the grilling on Binchotan gives the perfect char, and it’s served with a Jidori egg yolk and tare. Dip it into the egg yolk and you feel like you’re in Tokyo."
Uni and fried chicken
"These are actually two different dishes, but I like to put the uni on the fried chicken. I don't know why I like it so much—it's probably a hot and cold thing—but it is just delicious. To be frank, I pretty much like anything on their menu."