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Mon 11:30 am - 10:30 pm
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63 Salem St
Boston, MA02113
Call: 617.742.3474
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Reviews & Posts

Chef  reviews Oysters on the half shell at
Oysters on the half shell
"This is one of the most memorable oyster experiences ever. As a West Coast boy, this perfect, badass spot made me believe in the East Coast oyster; that's saying a lot. They have pristine food and a great staff that really cares. Bravo. Also, lobster roll. It's, erm, large. And wicked good. I recommend the clams on the half shell, too."
Chef  reviews Fried Ipswich clams at
Fried Ipswich clams
"The 'Masshole' in me constantly seeks out the best fried clams I can. Neptune’s clam plate is a generous portion of crispy, golden goodness. This is simple, New England food done right. I order it every time."
Chef  reviews Neptune burger at
Neptune burger
"This is one of the juiciest, most amazing burgers ever! It's topped with fried oysters, garlic mayo and relish. Bring your bib, and I'm not talking about the lettuce—a little chef humor."
Chef  reviews Vitello Tonnato at
Vitello Tonnato
"I dream about this sandwich and have serious cravings for it on a regular basis: thick-cut brioche bread with thinly sliced roasted veal, a thick layer of tuna tartare, and sliced cucumbers."

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