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253 Shawmut Ave
Boston, MA02118
Call: 617.391.0902
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Reviews & Posts

Chef  reviews Hang Over 'Za at
Hang Over 'Za
"On the brunch menu, this pizza features pork three ways—bacon, sausage, and prosciutto—all topped with over-easy eggs and potatoes. I’m not sure if it's supposed to cure a hangover or cause one, but either way, it’s eating at its best!"
Chef  reviews Salumi at
"Charcuterie is everywhere now, but Coppa's really stands out. My favorite is the coppa (neckmeat of the boar), which is what the restaurant is named after, but the prosciutto is a very close second."
Chef  reviews Beef heart pastrami at
Beef heart pastrami
"This dish is iconic. Super tender pastrami, wonderfully seasoned and spiced, is shaved in front of you. Sit at the bar and listen to some great banter and music. Try not to drool too much. Order another plate, as required."
Chef  reviews Italian grinder at
Italian grinder
"Take the best elements of Coppa's salumi plate, toss them in vinegar, add fresh ground pepper, and put them between bread. Then charge a fraction of what you could pay for the dish... This is the perfect spot for a late Monday afternoon breakfast."
Chef  reviews Linguini nero at
Linguini nero
"The housemade squid ink pasta with octopus, squid, and Castelvetrano olives has a great combination of flavors. Plus, I enjoy the laid back atmosphere."
Chef  reviews Garganelli con verdure at
Garganelli con verdure
"Jaimie Bissonette makes wonderful hand-made pastas, and this one is my favorite. The farro garganelli is simply combined with Food Project tomatoes and Pecorino cheese. I have a soft spot for garganelli just because I know how hard it is to make. I also like the way the pasta holds whatever sauce you serve it with."

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