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248 5th Ave
Brooklyn, NY11215
Call: 718.783.4565
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Reviews & Posts

Chef  reviews Oxtail & seppia at
Oxtail & seppia
"This is probably the strangest surf-and-turf combo ever, but this dish is a standout! The polenta is super creamy and works great with the braised cuttlefish, or sepia, and oxtail ragu. I almost ordered another one! The pastas don't disappoint either, so save some room."
Chef  reviews Tagliatelle al ragu at
Tagliatelle al ragu
"Eating this pasta makes me feel like I have come home to my Italian grandmother in Veneto (if I had one). So authentic, so simple, and so worth the trip."
Trippa alla Toscana
"On a cold night—which, in NYC, is not that often anymore—this is a dish I truly crave: succulent and redolent of garlic, with a hint of chili and a touch of funk. I don't want sterilized tripe. It comes with olive oil and a slab of grilled bread. Nice."
Chef  reviews Casunziei at
"Anna’s pastas are so good, and this is one of her classics! Beet-and-ricotta-filled ravioli topped with butter and sprinkled with crunchy, nutty, toasted poppy seeds. It's really terrific!"
Chef  reviews Malfatti at
"This is a very simple yet delicious preparation that requires a great deal of skill to produce. Chef Anna Klinger creates these little dumplings out of swiss chard and the flavor is amazing."
"I always find myself in a difficult position when it is time to order here. I usually start off with a massive craving for the buttery tagliatelle, bolognese or the malfatti but often end up with these sweet 'n sour pork ribs. I guess the ideal way to do it is the 'Italian way' (in four courses). Just remember not to overindulge in the crusty, very Italian 'Brooklyn-style' bread from Royal Crown."

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