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98 N 6th St
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Reviews & Posts

Chef Kim Canteenwalla reviews Nueske's bacon-wrapped matzoh balls at
"The combination of matzoh and bacon together intrigues me, and bacon is one of my very favorite proteins. The flavor of the bacon infusing into the matzoh ball is phenomenal and then they finish it off with horseradish mayonnaise. It's just perfect."
Chef Kim Canteenwalla reviews Jewish Lunch Box at
"Another great dish from Gorbels in NYC is the Jewish Lunch Box with fried barley, poached egg, gefilte fish cake, & dill’d kimchi. This is an unusual combination of ingredients but I loved the way they all came together. They were presented in a small tiffin-like box with a perfect poached egg on top. When the server brings the dish to the table he shows you all of the ingredients, covers the box with a lid, and starts to shake it much like you would a martini."

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