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Reviews & Posts

Chef  reviews Sultan's Delight at
Sultan's Delight
"This dish is comprised of tamarind beef and a smokey eggplant purée with pine nuts—and has rich flavors that I could never imitate. Ana Sortun is in a class of her own!"
Chef  reviews Moussaka at
"I love this minced lamb and eggplant pie with whipped fava because it reminds me of my mom's moussaka that she made when I was growing up."
Chef  reviews Spinach falafel at
Spinach falafel
"Having falafel with beet yogurt and tahini sauce at Oleana is a rite of passage. This is one of the best dishes in the city, without question. Ana’s falafel is delicate and divine. The problem is that it is hard to eat just a couple. I could easily eat three orders of it and still want more!"