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160 N Loomis St
Chicago, IL60607
Call: 773.583.0500
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Reviews & Posts

Chef  reviews Rice cake at
Rice cake
"This soup is Bill Kim's homage to a favorite childhood chicken dish he used to eat. His version is simultaneously spicy, sweet, crunchy, and rich—a textural and flavorful masterpiece. BYOB."
Chef  reviews Rice noodle at
Rice noodle
"The oversized nuggets of hominy are a real surprise in this mish mash of cultures in a bowl. The kimchi adds spiciness, and the rice noodles are cooked so perfectly they would even make an Italian proud."
Chef  reviews Chinese eggplant w/ Thai basil at
Chinese eggplant w/ Thai basil
"Chef Bill Kim has the pedigree all chefs admire, but at his little restaurant Urbanbelly, he does everything perfectly. I always order the short rib fried rice, or Phat Rice, and Chinese eggplant. Fried rice is self-explanatory, but the eggplant is the perfect combination of acidity, richness, and deliciousness."
Chef  reviews Urbanbelly ramen at
Urbanbelly ramen
"Bill and Yvonne Kim's communal restaurant serves exceptional Korean-influenced food. The ramen is a must: rich pieces of pork belly bathed in shiitake and pho broth. Urbanbelly is inexpensive and BYOB—everyone loves it."
Chef  reviews Asian egg noodles at
Asian egg noodles
"Everyone loves Bill Kim’s short rib rice and pork belly (including me), but the dish I crave most is the fried eggs noodles in spicy garlic chili broth with eggplant and tofu. The broth has the perfect touch of sweet. And yes, I said I love a dish with tofu!"