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954 N California Ave
Chicago, IL60622
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Reviews & Posts

Chef Jason Hammel reviews Hanger steak at
"Chef Duncan has a musical, balanced, assured way with everything he cooks, including this protein that he likes to feature in different preparations. All his steak dishes (and I've had several) hit all five tastes in this kind of harmony that's pretty, satisfying, and light, while not being precious at all."
Chef Abraham Conlon reviews Seasonal vegetables at
"Rootstook has always been a go-to for late night bites and a great glass of wine. Now with Chef Simmons at the helm, the food at this cozy wine bar has been taken to a new level. Obviously the burger is fantastic, but his "raw" no fuss approach to seasonal vegetables is extraordinary, whether it be his roasted carrots with pickled turmeric or his grilled in-shell fava beans with preserved lemon. "
Chef Jill Barron reviews Charcuterie platter at
"The nicest way to start a night out is with this tiny wine bar's selection of cheeses, charcuterie, and of course, wine. Make sure to try the pig's ear terrine, rabbit rillette, and tangy Sofia goat cheese."
Chef Noah Sandoval reviews Grassfed burger at
"You can taste the quality of the meat they use. Bacon aioli, Werp lettuce, a side of fries, and a beer, and you're good."

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