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Reviews & Posts

Chef Michael Kornick reviews Cazuela at
"You’re in luck if you go to Frontera for their fall menu; I always order the cazuelas. The protein changes (beef, chicken, or pork), but the pork is my favorite. Fill a warm flour or corn tortilla with fresh stewed meat, greens, chilies, and root vegetables. Tastes like the season. Yum."
Chef Ryan McCaskey reviews Queso fundido at
"It’s so cheesy and slightly spicy. Jalapeños, onion, shrimp, cheese, and hot tortillas? Can't go wrong there. Add a margarita and you’re set. Editor's note: this dish has a vegetarian-friendly option and the meat-option changes periodically."
Chef Michael Kornick reviews Coctel de Atun Tropical at
"A supremely balanced mix of citrus, chili, sweet mango, rich, lean tuna, crunchy veggies and tortilla chips. Rinse it down with a margarita or one of Jill Gubesch's expertly selected crisp white wines."
Chef Jimmy Bannos Jr. reviews Chiles rellenos at
"Deeply satisfying. This dish is proof that simple, straightforward food—executed perfectly—can be far more interesting than a dish with too many distractions."
Chef Jason Vincent reviews Topolo Margarita at
"There are 20 different kinds of margaritas at Frontera Grill, but the standard Topolo Margarita is crazy good. I don’t know what’s in it, but it’s delicious."
Chef Jason Hammel reviews Tacos al carbon at
"I had these duck tacos once eight years ago when the sun was shining through the windows on a winter day, and the tortillas were so fresh and hot and the charros so earthy and satisfying that the spell has never been broken."

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