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1829 W Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL60622
Call: 312.243.1535
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Reviews & Posts

Chef  reviews Secret hamachi at
Secret hamachi
"Not too far from where I live, Arami has beautiful fish and inventive flavors and presentations. The secret hamachi is a wonderful dish—yellowtail, mushrooms, and truffle oil are a killer combo. It’s just one of many items that keeps me coming back."
Chef  reviews Nigiri at
"There are a number of great sushi places in Chicago that serve fresh fish, but what sets Arami apart is the rice. It’s sticky, slightly sweet, and always cooked to utter perfection."
Chef  reviews Toro tartare bite at
Toro tartare bite
"The toro tartare bite has some of the fattiest and most delicious tuna. I also love the spicy tako spring roll with braised octopus and the uni shooter with sea urchin and housemade soy sauce. Everything at Arami is great. Not only is their seafood some of the freshest I've had in the city, the presentation is equally as stunning as the quality of their food."
Chef  reviews Maguro kani at
Maguro kani
"Totally ONO (Hawaiian for "delicious"): perfect mouthfuls of fresh fish that taste like the ocean, all bundled up in a silky tuna wrap. Sometimes I get two orders! Two-piece rolls just aren't enough. B.K. Park is a plating master, too. It's hard to resist anything served with an orchid."
Chef  reviews Aji at
"Arami offers fine chilled sake, creative tartares, maki rolls, and rich ramen, but I suggest letting master sushi chef BK Park slice up a whole mackerel, twist the skeleton, and prop it up on a glass. It’s on the specials menu and is one of the most beautiful sashimi dishes in town."
Chef  reviews Arami ramen at
Arami ramen
"This decadent dish is my new go-to. Pork belly, braised beef, house pickles, poached egg and fish cake swim in a broth that gets its richness from pork bone. Everything at Arami tastes as delicious as it looks."
Chef  reviews Togarashi-seared tuna at
Togarashi-seared tuna
"Chef B.K. Park's food is amazingly fresh. Served over a bed of seaweed kelp with just the right amount of Meyer lemon dressing, the tuna is a flavor monster. Now that the chef knows us, he cooks off-menu whenever we dine. It's a surprise every time."

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