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Reviews & Posts

Chef  reviews Fried chicken roulade at
Fried chicken roulade
"This has all of my favorite things on one plate: fried chicken roulade, buttermilk and Ranch spiced farce, duck fat biscuits, Sriracha, smoked green apple, cipollini onion, High Life gel, cayenne chicken jus—amazing! Editor's note: the menu changes frequently, and different versions of fried chicken may appear."
Chef  reviews Porcini agnolotti at
Porcini agnolotti
"This agnolotti dish comes with veal heart, a mushroom and truffle purée, and huckleberries. Normally, the veal heart is something most diners shy away from, but it all went together very nicely with an unexpected pop of sweetness from the huckleberries."
Chef  reviews Warm Gruyère donuts at
Warm Gruyère donuts
"Doughnuts and Gruyère cheese are an amazing combo that make your run-of-the-mill cheese Danish whimper in the corner in shame. Its filling is crispy, gooey, salty, and filling, yet it somehow remains light and pillow-y. This dessert allows you to have the pretense of being an adult with a somewhat sophisticated palate, when in actuality, you're just stuffing your face with fried goodness and stinky cheese."

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