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#4 at DMK Burger Bar
Paul Fehribach
1 Review
#1 at DMK Burger Bar
Jason Hammel
1 Review

Reviews & Posts

Chef  reviews #4 at
"The Burger Bar is my neighborhood standby—their attention to ingredients is paramount. The #4 burger hits the spot, with roasted green hatch chiles, smoked bacon, and a fried egg."
Chef  reviews #7 The Big DMK at
#7 The Big DMK
"I love these burgers. In a city that champions heavy pretzel buns, DMK's is light and soft. The patty is thin and extends to the width of the bun, and the toppings are interesting. I stick with their version of the Big Mac and can finish an entire burger without feeling like I've done something wrong to myself."
Chef  reviews #1 at
"Sometimes my daughter orders a plain one and I'll take a bite. The bun and the burger themselves are so good here that they don't need any embellishment, but the fixings don't hurt."

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