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1471 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL60622
Call: 872.829.3821
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Reviews & Posts

Chef Michael Simmons reviews Chicharrones at
"These are the real deal. It's got that nice, thick, satisfying crunch of a traditional chicharron that you don't often get with the ultra light modernist versions—plus that delicious red Tamazula hot sauce and a sprinkle of cheese, onion, cilantro and lime."
Chef Nicole Pederson reviews Pepito torta at
"I’m addicted to Rick Bayless’ tiny Mexican joint. My favorite sandwich includes braised short ribs and pickled jalapeños. It’s absolutely delicious. The soups are amazing, too, and you can’t leave without a churro. Now you can eat this at O’Hare International Airport—it’s just as good!"
Chef Charlie McKenna reviews Churros at
"I love watching the machine over the fryer drop delicious morsels into hot oil, I love the cinnamon sugar, and I love eating multiple orders."
Chef Merlin Verrier reviews Pork belly vermicelli (fideos) caldo at
"Although Xoco is known for its tortas, I believe the caldos are the reason to go back for more. The pork belly vermicelli is my personal fave. The crispiness from the wood-burning fire does wonders, and the salsa negro adds just the right kick to the broth."

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