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4812 Bryan St.
Ste. 100
Dallas, TX75204
Call: 214.826.9887
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Cơm cà ry đậu hủ nồi đất
"Mai’s is on constant standby and has been for so many years. I love a place that not only knows your name when you call in to-go, but can also recite your order. Even though this East Dallas gem serves a long list of authentic Vietnamese specialties, I get the same thing every time. The tofu curry clay pot is my ultimate favorite: a stew-like bowl loaded with tofu, carrots, and broccoli in a delicious coconut curry sauce. Some spring rolls with two peanut sauces? Yes, sir!"
Chef  reviews Cơm cà ry gà nồi đất at
Cơm cà ry gà nồi đất
"I always order the #44A chicken curry clay pot with medium spicy. The sauce is bright and floral, with just-cooked vegetables and moist chicken. The whole dish is cooked and layered into one pot, and the rice on the bottom becomes crispy and crunchy as it cooks. It's a one-pot wonder."
Cơm cà ry tôm nồi đất
"The shrimp curry clay pot is super tasty and perfect for a cold winter day. It has a nice combination of seafood, spicy and thick coconut curry, and the best part, which is the crispy rice that sticks to the bottom of the clay pot."

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