The Squeaky Bean

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Fri 4:00 pm - 11:00 pm
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Reviews & Posts

Chef  reviews Surf & Turf at
Surf & Turf
"This peanut-crusted roast pork loin is tender and savory and served with a brown butter charred scallop. It's balanced with lightly grilled cauliflower and a late season sweet/tart palisade peach. A great introduction to Denver' farm-to-table cuisine."
Chef  reviews Beets at
"What's not to like? Talk about fresh—they have their own garden! This is a nice, light dish. Max lets the veggies speak for themselves."
Chef  reviews Cheese cart at
Cheese cart
"The cheeses at Squeaky Bean change all the time but they're always delicious. They are displayed on a cart that is wheeled around for dessert (although you can order the cheese during any course)."
Chef  reviews Whey poached lamb at
Whey poached lamb
"I can’t guarantee that the whey poached lamb will be on chef Max MacKissock’s menu, but a variation likely will be. I appreciate his innovation when it comes to plating, and his preparations of lamb—one of the finest proteins locally available in Colorado—are always memorable. The whey poached lamb is cooked perfectly, and the textures and colors from the shelled beans, farro, and grapes make for a playful dish. Did I mention there’s lamb lardo on the dish, too? It’s just great."
Chef  reviews Red kuri squash at
Red kuri squash
"The Squeaky Bean is tops, and I love their red kuri squash vadouvan with pine syrup, pears, and warm milk broth. This dish warms my soul; it's so unique and has so many layers of flavor! A cool tip about The Bean: Although it may seem to be full when you search online, they don't take reservations for the chef's counter. So not only do you get to check out the crew and watch them get busy, but you can always sneak in and get the best seat in the house."
Chef  reviews Choked Out at
Choked Out
"This is a rich bowl of creamy sunchoke and artichoke purée with all of the garnishes playfully balanced on the rim. As you nudge them into the soup with your spoon, they change the character of the dish just enough to keep you eating."
Chef  reviews Tasting menu at
Tasting menu
"Since Max changes his menu so often, it's impossible to pin down a dish. The best way to experience this amazing restaurant is to just eat the whole menu, or at the very least let them choose a few dishes from every section. Prepare your mind and your tastebuds for an extreme adventure in food. Call ahead to set up a tasting menu for your reservation."
Chef  reviews Grilled squid at
Grilled squid
"I just got home from another amazing mind-blowing meal at "The Bean." My new favorite dish is the grilled squid. It's so delicate and bright. The chorizo adds the perfect amount of fat to the perfectly cooked squid, and to round it all out is a pungent, wonderful romesco sauce. After you scarf this down, have the congee. I love this place!"