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349 Whitney Ave
Gretna, LA70056
Call: 504.366.2489
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Chef Brian Landry reviews Salt baked crab at
"No trip across the Mississippi River is complete without a stop at Kim Son. I always start with an order of salt-baked crab: hard-shelled crab glazed in a sweet soy and black pepper sauce. Then it’s on to any number of dishes, including fresh herbs, great broths, grilled meats, or seafood."
Chef Alex Harrell reviews Salt baked lobster in black pepper at
"With this dish, you get a lobster tail that has been cut up into large chunks in its shell. It is simple and straight-forward, but it is always amazing. They fry it in the shell and the lobster meat is seasoned with a large amount of black pepper, so the meat comes out nice and spicy. Since it is fried in-shell, it is never dry and you get a nice kind of pleasant saltiness from the lobster itself."
Chef Phillip Lopez reviews Cua gừng hành at
"This dish is so fresh and exciting. It's simply crab claws and crab meat cooked quickly in butter, ginger, and onions. They provide lettuce, herbs, and rice so you can make your own wraps, and they also have about six different dipping options to choose from. The flavors are so vibrant that they just pop."

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