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1705 Lafayette St
Ste. 5
Gretna, LA70053
Call: 504.361.8008


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Chef  reviews Chim cút quay at
Chim cút quay
"This is a pile of roasted quail marinated in a blend of Vietnamese spices and then pan-roasted until perfection. I like to pick them up and dip them in chili paste, which is my personal favorite sauce, but they have many others to choose from."
Com thit nuong bi cha trung
"I've been eating here since it was just a tiny hole in the wall many years ago. This is my go-to dish. It has char-grilled pork with rice, shredded pork skin, pork & egg loaf ("quiche" type side), fried egg, pickled vegetables and a side of broth. Everything is well-seasoned and cooked nicely. What more do you want?"
Chef  reviews Cánh gà chiên at
Cánh gà chiên
"These are the best chicken wings ever. They marinate them in spicy lemon grass and garlic, then bread them in rice flour, fry them and then toss them in a lemon grass bbq sauce. I like to order extra pickled daikon and carrots when I go there."
Bún gà nướng
"In five-plus years, I can count on one hand the times I’ve deviated from my tried-and-true lunch order of bún gà nướng, lemongrass chicken vermicelli noodle salad. The chicken is comprised of a subtle marinade perfumed with lemongrass, soy sauce, and garlic. It’s always perfectly cooked, juicy with a slight char, and needs no fancy accompaniment. The rest is classic bún—shredded lettuce, pickled carrots and daikon, fried shallots, peanuts, rice noodles, and cilantro. It never fails to satisfy."
Chao tôm cuốn bánh trắng
"This is the best Vietnamese food in the New Orleans area, hands down. You’ve gotta ask for this shrimp mousse that's wrapped around a thick sugarcane stalk. It comes with a vertical fish tank-looking apparatus that you dip your rice paper in and then roll up with cilantro, Thai basil, noodles, and spicy sauce. It's the best dish I've had all year!"
Tôm rim mặn
"These shrimp are simmered in a house sauce, which is a black pepper and vinegar sauce that houses the large, perfectly cooked shrimp. The shrimp are spicy from the pepper,and I add a bunch of rice to the bowl to mix it in with the sauce. They also serve these pickled vegetables on the side that add a perfect balance of vinegar."
Chef  reviews Cơm gà nướng xả at
Cơm gà nướng xả
"Two giant boneless chicken thighs (seriously 8-9 oz. a piece!), marinated and chargrilled perfectly! The lemongrass is subtle and the meat is juicy. It's served with rice, cukes, pickled vegetables, flavorful jus, and a side of chicken broth to refresh the palate."