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1100 Stephens St.
Gretna, LA70053
Call: 504.366.7665
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Reviews & Posts

Beef & broccoli
"It's simply sautéed beef and Chinese broccoli in a traditional brown sauce. I love Chinese broccoli, and the dish has very clean flavors; it's very flavorful, not fatty, oily, or greasy. There is not a whole lot of Chinese food that is good in New Orleans, but this place has it."
Curry goat
"On the specials menu, this green curry is served in a warm pot with a side of rice, so you can usually share it with friends. A lot of people will cover up dishes and make it not taste like goat, but even with the green curry spices, this dish still has a really good, strong goat flavor."
Chạo tôm
"I love the food here and the grilled sugarcane shrimp are among my favorite dishes. Wrapped up in lettuce with herbs, cucumbers, and carrots, and seasoned with nước mắm, they make for a very light and flavorful dish."
#1207 combination of beef, shrimp, & squid
"This dish is perfect to share. The hot plate is served in the middle of the table alongside a huge portion of beef, shrimp, calamari, butter, herbs, rice paper, rice and dipping sauces. The object of the game is to first add butter, then proteins. Patiently wait while the proteins cook on the hotplate and race to see who can build the best spring roll. It's a classic battle of chopsticks and determination. The victor gets bragging rights and a full belly. Extreme fun!"

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