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Reviews & Posts

Chef Rebecca Masson reviews Fried milk at
"Honestly, I love any dessert that Philip Speer creates; he is my pastry guru! However, the fried milk dessert is divine. The dish has fried milk, chocolate milk, toasted milk, and milk sherbet, and it all works together in beautiful harmony. It’s funny—I don’t even like milk!"
Chef Rebecca Masson reviews Fo to remon miso at
"This is a serious mind game here. It comes with a phở granita, basil and cilantro panna cotta, bone marrow, and rice noodle crackers. It's INSANE (in a really good way)."
Chef Rebecca Masson reviews Brussels sprouts at
"As a kid—hell, even as an adult—I had never really enjoyed Brussels sprouts. But there is something magical about these sprouts at Uchi. They cook them with a fish caramel; I don’t know what that is nor do I think I want to, but I just know they are damn good. There's so much flavor in each bite, I never want to share."
Chef Ronnie Killen reviews Hama Chili at
"The Hama Chili comes with ponzu, orange supremes, and smoked trout roe. The combination of sweet, sour, and spicy on a plate is the perfect dish, and it's one of my favorites in Houston."
Chef Monica Pope reviews Salt & pepper sorbet at
"Uchi’s salt and pepper sorbet as a palate cleanser is so good that we turned it into a gimlet at my restaurant, T’afia. The sorbet isn't always available, so if you see it on the menu make sure to order it. I also had this mind-bending experience at Uchi with salmon sashimi, skyr, and preserved lemon that I’m still trying to absorb."
Chef Justin Turner reviews Ham and eggs roll at
"Besides being playful, the flavors bring me back to my childhood! The combination of crispy pork belly katsu, egg yolk custard and espelette makes this a memorable dish, and one I must have on a regular basis. Order two!"

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