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6917 Long Point Rd
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Mixiote plate
"Mixiote plate is one of my favorite dishes here. It comes with borrego (lamb) soup, cabrito (goat) meat cooked with chili, bay leaves and other spices, corn tortillas, and a cactus salad. Go on the weekends to be transported to Mexico with a live mariachi band and the aromas of fresh corn tortillas and barbacoa."
Chef  reviews Slow roasted goat & lamb barbacoa at
Slow roasted goat & lamb barbacoa
"El Hidalguense is a truly authentic Mexican restaurant in Houston. Go there on a weekend and try the slow-roasted goat and lamb barbacoa. They set up a pit in the dining room—which is unheard of—and sometimes a Mariachi band shows up. Be sure to buy the band a round of beer if they do!"

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