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Reviews & Posts

Chef  reviews Hamachi kama at
Hamachi kama
"Chef Manabu 'Hori' Horiuchi is the master of raw and cooked foods. The yellowtail collar from Robata is lush and meaty with a delicious soy-miso glaze. The prices are reasonable so live a little—sit back and just let chef Hori feed you."
Chef  reviews Texas Hamachi roll at
Texas Hamachi roll
"Chef Hori San is famous for this dish; we get it every time we go! He first made it for me when he was at Kubo’s, and I couldn’t get enough of it. It seemed so light but full of flavor, and I love the jalapeño on each piece. I could eat three orders easily at one sitting. Hori is the master!"
Chef  reviews Toro at
"In a town that loves sushi, chef Hori at Kata Robata tops my list for toro. I know the tuna belly is always pristine and perfectly prepared sushi or sashimi style. The fact that he's a great guy and has a great staff ensures that the total experience is always an exceptional one."
Chef  reviews Cold summer soba at
Cold summer soba
"Although the sushi at Kata is the main draw for me, the cold soba with tempura, a quail egg, pulled pork, and seaweed paired with cold sake is a great summer dish. Chef Hori always has something to offer off the menu, and it’s a safe bet to let him run with it."