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3000 Caroline St
Houston, TX77004
Call: 713.529.8466
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Reviews & Posts

Chef  reviews Cheese platter at
Cheese platter
"The cheese plate at 13 Celsius in Midtown come with a great mix of almonds, olives, and toasted bread. The cured meats and roasted peppers are also good here, and I love the patio in the back where they sometimes have people making French crêpes."
Chef  reviews Mortadella on pretzel at
Mortadella on pretzel
"Try any pressed sandwich at 13 Celsius with their sparkling shiraz. I love the mortadella on pretzel or the raclette, potato, and cornichon on sourdough, as well as any sparkling shiraz they have, like Crook or Shingleback. I can drink a whole bottle!"

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