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609 Patton St.
Houston, TX77009
Call: 713.699.0820


Reviews & Posts

Chef Levi Goode reviews Barbacoa tacos at
"Gerardo is a man that takes extreme pride in his barbacoa, and that is something I can relate to. They start before the sun rises and steam their beef barbacoa until the point it melts in your mouth. He has brought over his Old World family tradition of making barbacoa from his native Michoacán."
Chef Randy Evans reviews Tacos maiz w/ cabeza de res at
"These have to be the best tacos in town! I’ve been in the kitchen and it is spotless and well-run. The owner sells so much that he has to source his heads from three locations in Texas. The meat has the perfect balance of fatty, gelatinous meat with lean, flavorful cheek meat. Go on the weekends and buy it by the pound along with some nice corn tortillas and salsa verde. And watch out for the red sauce—it will light you up."

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