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2621 Westpark Dr
Houston, TX77098
Call: 713.523.7154
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Reviews & Posts

Chef  reviews Campechana de mariscos at
Campechana de mariscos
"Our whole family loves the campechana extra at Goode Co. Seafood. We get it with shrimp and crab, and we have it each time we come. They serve it with minced jalapeño and chips. It's consistently fresh and delicious. I also love the crawfish tamales when they're in season, the grilled catfish with salsa roja, and the seafood rice. I eat here once a week!"
Chef  reviews Gulf red snapper at
Gulf red snapper
"This is a wonderful piece of immaculately fresh Gulf Coast red snapper that's simply roasted over mesquite wood. I always start with their legendary campechana with extra avocado, and their pecan pie should be in a hall of fame somewhere."

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