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Mon midnight - midnight
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4029 Spring Mountain Rd
Las Vegas, NV89102
Call: 702.220.3613


Reviews & Posts

Chef Ben Jenkins reviews Phở tái chín at
"With so many phở spots in Vegas, it seems as if there may be one on every corner. Pho Kim Long is the only one I frequent. The thin rice noodles, slow-cooked shaved brisket, thinly sliced rare steak, and flawlessly flavored, piping hot broth make up the perfect concoction for the start or finish to any day."
Chef Jose Luis Pawelek reviews Bún tôm thịt nướng at
"I love this 24-hour spot for my late-night fix of bún tôm thịt nướng. Shrimp and pork in a richly satisfying broth with rice vermicelli noodles is just what the doctor ordered, and the copious amounts of fresh mint and cilantro will cool down even the spiciest dish."

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