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3730 Las Vegas Blvd S
Aria Resort & Casino
Las Vegas, NV89158
Call: 877.230.2742
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Chef  reviews Foie gras custard "brûlée" at
Foie gras custard "brûlée"
"I don’t even know how Shawn McClain makes this dish so decadent yet so light. It’s the best foie gras terrine: whipped up lightly, packed into a ramekin dish, sprinkled with sugar, and brûléed. It’s salty, sweet, unctuous, vibrant—everything you want foie gras to be! It’s served with brioche that's so light, fluffy, and buttery that I always order extra before it even comes out! They serve it at the bar, so you can just pop in and enjoy it as your first course before going out."
Chef  reviews Slow-poached organic farm egg at
Slow-poached organic farm egg
"People rave about the foie gras custard at Sage, and don't get me wrong, it's really good, but sometimes simplicity trumps decadence. Cue the humble egg and potato purée. The dish is just simple and clean, with flavors that don't get lost or overcomplicated. A properly poached egg, slightly smoky potato purée, truffle to add some earthiness, and some crusty country bread to scoop it all up—pure joy. It's a testament to a good chef, and a well-run kitchen, when simple things are done right."

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