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Reviews & Posts

Chef  reviews Tartufo pizza at
Tartufo pizza
"One can't beat the wood-oven pizza that produces this perfect, tasty crust. This pizza features the right amount of cheese, mushrooms, and truffle oil, which are all smoothed over with an egg that is presented sunny side up. It's very tasty, and they even offer two crust styles: Neopolitan for a thicker crust, and Romano for a thinner, cracker-like crust."
Chef  reviews Semolina gnocchi at
Semolina gnocchi
"While it’s not an entrée item, this dish is packed with flavor. The smoked Nueske’s bacon, peas, and black truffle crema all come together perfectly. They get the balance just right with the ingredients."
Chef  reviews Polipo at
"I'm not sure which oven it goes into or which oven it comes out of. The seasonal prep of Carlos' octopus salad is tender yet firm with a toasty, delicate crunch that's almost wafer-like. In the middle of Summerlin, this is the best dish for miles around, and that's saying something for being in the middle of the desert!"

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