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The Cosmopolitan Of Las Vegas
The Cosmopolitan
Las Vegas, NV89109
Call: 877.893.2003
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Reviews & Posts

Chef  reviews Grilled branzino at
Grilled branzino
"This flaky Mediterranean sea bass is cooked and served just the way I like to eat food. It's simplistic and flavorful. The fish is grilled over wood and deboned tableside. It's very simply dressed with sea salt and olive oil, which really accentuates the natural flavor of the fish."
Chef  reviews Lunch Menu at
Lunch Menu
"The three-course lunch menu at Milos is one of the best deals in town. I normally start with their signature grilled octopus and then move into the grilled lavraki, or Mediterranean sea bass. If you're looking for great food and an even better deal, Milos is your spot for lunch."
Chef  reviews Whole fish at
Whole fish
"Whenever I’m at Milos, I like to see what fish is freshest and most exciting, and then I order it grilled whole or baked in salt. I also like to start my meal with the meze plate; they make the best tarama, tzatziki, and htipiti in the world. The avgotaraho aikieroto (Greek-style bottarga) alone is worth the trip. It's simply unforgettable."

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